Writing Continuum Now Available
Our review of student writing samples is complete for the Writing continuum. You can access the Writing Continuum by clicking on the "Continuum" tab.

EdSteps Writing

EdSteps is intended to be a large, web-based public library of student work samples in key skill areas. For each skill area, student work will be presented in a continuum — a gradual progression — from emerging to accomplished work.

Rather than assessing work based on a pre-set rubric, EdSteps uses student work as the starting point.


The EdSteps Writing Continuum will give you and your students:


■■ An unprecedented look at what readers of varied ages and backgrounds value in writing.

■■ Access to a wide range of writing examples from across the country that illustrate writing.

■■ Reference points to determine student growth in writing. 

■■ The ability to chart improvement in students' writing over the school year and over their entire educational careers. 

Resources for Writing:
Here are a few helpful resources related to writing.

ReadWriteThink.org provides ready-to-use lesson plan banks across curriculum and grade levels.


National Gallery of Writing

The National Gallery of Writing provides a wide variety of samples of writing and a means to search for whatever type of writing you would like to see.


Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project

This Web site provides a variety of resources related to writing, including assessment tools and helpful articles.


Ohio State Digital Storytelling

Provides examples of digital storytelling through short (3-5 minute) movies which uses images, voice, and music to tell a story.
StudentPublishing.com is dedicated to providing special publishing opportunities to students and schools. Their mission is to support teachers with special projects that help inspire the writer in all students. They believe in the motivational power of teachers and will strive to assist you in your endeavor to develop students to find their creative and expressive selves.